Valuable thoughts on persona and customer journey analysis!


Understanding your customer’s experience is the first step in creating solutions that provide lasting value. The use of systematic, visual representations can expose previously unseen opportunities for growth. Broadly, the activity of ‚mapping experiences‘ describes a set of approaches to illustrate experiences for teams to have a common understanding.

However, many people associate mapping experiences with heavy upfront research. This need not be the case at all. In fact, the process can be completed in a matter of days.

But once complete, experience maps provide a big picture that you can align subsequent activities to, including user story mapping, design sprints, content planning, and more. They serve as a springboard into planning, experimentation and innovation.

General Process for Mapping

In my book, Mapping Experiences, I outline a general process for mapping experiences. This has four iterative modes of activity:


The final logical step is to envision future solutions, which is typically done in…

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Phew! Awesome architecture!

JinsPiration | The NERD inspiration Page

You may think interior design is easy, but creating the PERFECT room isn’t.
Each of these rooms are perfect in their own way and would be difficult
for just anyone to pull off. They combine the perfect locations, views,
design and furniture to create a space that’s so amazing, it seems
like it’s straight out of a catalog.

No matter what you like, you’ll fall in love with at least one of these rooms.

awesome rooms

awesome rooms

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Yes, Kenya is quite something!

Interestingly enough you don’t show photographs of the migration, say from the Masai Mara. I had an awesome safari experience off the Little Governor’s Camp.

Usually I would show off my photographs over on my travel blog but unfortunately I was not yet a blogger at the time. Still, if you care for the photographs you could still go and check out my according Flickr album at
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Entdecken Sie die bildschöne Landschaft Frankreichs als Gast in einem eleganten und authentischen Schloss, das seit dem Jahr 1404 in Privatbesitz der gleichen Familie ist!

At the beginning of October 2011 we will take to Puglia in Italy’s South. The focus will be on bucolic landscapes, golf courses and stellar accomodation.
Do you have any recommendations on what else we should see on this trip?

A private view to France: Live the life of an aristocrat in an elegant and authentic Loire valley chateau hotel!

The Swiss outlet of the Limited WIP Society today hosted Donald Reinertsen, one of the thought leaders of the Lean community. He gave a speech on second generation lean product development.

Das St.Galler Start-up Spontacts bietet eine iPhone- und Facebook-App für Spontane, die sich für ihre Freizeitaktivität verabreden wollen.

While social media is more and more hyped up and everybody is jumping on the social media bandwagon, businesses ask what is in it for our shop? What’s the actual effect, what’s the ROI? In comes social media monitoring. What should we track, really, and what are appropriate tools? Read this incomplete digest…

Sandro Graf von FehrAdvice & Partners AG über unser Verhalten und soziale Netze: Wieso treffen wir immer wieder unvernünftige Entscheidungen? Wieso ist gratis meistens ein so starker Magnet? Welche Einflüsse bestimmen unser Verhalten und unsere Entscheidungen?